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Baby gorilla!

According to the LA Times, a critically endangered western lowland gorilla gave birth to a baby this past weekend, the first for Griffith Park Zoo in over twenty years!

I’m sure we’ll get a better focused look at the little baby gorilla, but for now, baby and momma are bonding in private, according to the zoo.

The western lowland gorilla is facing decreasing populations, largely due to deforestation and poaching in their native habitat in Central Africa.

There’s a cute picture of baby looking at momma in this local NBC outlet’s video clip.

We’ll have Mr. Chris Fettig on Chat About today at about 12:15 p.m. to talk about the upcoming Vocalmotive Dinner Show at Bemidji High School this weekend! Tickets are still available!

For McDonald’s Morning Trivia, I asked what was the first “talkie” film. It was “The Jazz Singer,” released in 1927. Before then, the silent pictures were shown on the screen with a vaudeville-type pianist performing in the theater. Must have been nice to have guaranteed work as a pianist back then!

That’s it for me today, have a marvelous Monday!




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