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Finally, a New Year’s resolution fitness plan I can get behind!

If only I could practice yoga in a place like in this beautiful stock photo! Looks so warm, and they even have the sun there!

Researchers recently reviewed 11 studies and found that practicing yoga activities–such as breathing, meditation and movement–was related to the increase in the size of brain areas involved with thinking clearly, decision-making and regulating emotion. Scientists say the benefits are similar as those from doing aerobic exercise, but it isn’t clear why yoga offers those same benefits.

National Holiday

It’s J.R.R. Tolkien Day! Today would have been his one-hundred-and-eleventieth birthday! Just kidding, it actually would have been his 128th birthday. I hope you’re celebrating with a Lord of the Rings marathon, or perhaps a second breakfast!

Artwork by Tolkien. Photo courtesy of openculture.com

Critter News

Fishermen in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., spend over an hour trying to reel in this shark:

After the shark was finally reeled in, it was measured, tagged and released back into the ocean.

Now onto babies! And country music stars!

Kane Brown recently gave fans a tour of his infant daughter’s nursery on Extra TV! Kane’s wife Katelyn said he is the best swaddler of their little nine-week-old, Kingsley!


Thanks for taking the time to read this! I’m gonna hit the old dusty trail for now. Todd’s back Monday, and I’ll be back with local news and so much more, too!

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