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Last Monday in January

Only a few more days of January, what feels like the longest month of the year. This year’s January didn’t feel like it lasted 500 days, but maybe time is flying faster with a little baby in the house.

On Chat About, we’re having Bemidji Area School Board members Jeff Haack and Carol L. Johnson, as well as Bemidji Superintendent Tim Lutz! There’s a referendum meeting and a school board meeting tonight, so Todd previewed the agenda.

I should be able to make it to that meeting tonight, and you can see all of the news I’m gathering, plus our community calendar, at Bemidji Now!

The Grammy Awards were held last night, as we mentioned on air this morning, and Billie Eilish sure cleaned house with several wins!

Tanya Tucker won a couple awards, as did Dan & Shay.

For McDonald’s Morning Trivia, my question was:

Penicillin was discovered in 1928 by which Scottish scientist?

The answer was Sir Alexander Fleming!


Fleming discovered the green mold, shown here in this gross bread, accidentally while returning from vacation. He had bacteria in Petri dishes, and found that the green mold was killing the bacteria.

Since then, Fleming’s discovery has been used with different types of mold to create antibiotics for various pathogens.

Have a marvelous Monday, and I’ll see ya tomorrow!

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