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On our Chatabout Show today County Administrator Kay Mack and Human Services Division Director Anne Lindseth were here to tell us more about the Beltrami Childcare Collaborative:

  Tomorrow on Chatabout our friend Ron Johnson will join us, but not to talk about his work with the Bemidji City Council. Ron’s concert promotion company and Lakeland Public TV collaborated to bring a number of Country superstars a while back, and Ron’s going to tell us some of his favorite stories about Johnny Cash, June Carter, Tammy Wynette, …

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We’re gaining speed, as far as daylight is concerned

Yes. I know I was supposed to do this Tuesday. As a mom of a little baby, I’m constantly unaware of what the day actually is, so thank you for bearing with me. For today’s daylight report, I’m pleased to announce that sunrise was at 7:40 a.m. and sunset will be at 5:26 p.m., giving us a grand total of …

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Baby sea lion saved!

A sea lion pup was saved a few days ago by some Good Samaritans and California Highway Patrol troopers! According to a story from a local ABC outlet, the officers responded to a report that a sea lion pup was trying to slowly move across lanes of traffic. With the help of a blanket and a snare, they were able …

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