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Rick & Nick Talks Flicks is back! [PODCAST]

Paul Bunyan Podcasting’s very own homegrown movie podcast, Rick & Nick Talk Flicks, is back!

You may have noticed over the past few months that KB101’s website has undergone an overhaul and, like while doing any remodel, everything is temporarily moved out!  With all 59 episodes to date being uploaded to our new partnering site PodcastOne, the show is back online and is sponsored by the Bemidji Theatre.  You’ll notice the new “podcast” link on the top of the KB101 webpage that will access a drop-down menu featuring our current two podcast shows.  One new update is that you can either stream an episode or download it and listen offline!

In this time of hunkering down amid this pandemic, media (in all forms) is being consumed at record rates.  A local podcast about movies might be just the thing to lift your spirits in these times.  Rick & Nick are truly two of the most revered local movie critics that we could think to listen to.  However since they’ve refused to do even ONE episode of their own podcast, we found two other guys, Joel Hoover & Dave Brooks to fill-in.  Broadcast divas…

59 episodes in the archive and more coming, if you’re a movie fan click the link above and enjoy a podcast episode of Rick & Nick Talk Flicks!

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