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Your Order Is Ready! Support Our Local Restaurants

The Covid-19 outbreak has had a devastating impact on every facet of our life here in Minnesota. Restaurants and hospitality services are literally woven into our lives and our communities. We know that the Coronavirus outbreak has been catastrophic to our economy, with many restaurants forced to close their doors or operate well below capacity.

Now, they’ve been forced into another very difficult situation, being required to close their dining rooms and bars due to the Covid spike. But, for many restaurants, the good fight continues. They continue to cook food and are ready to accomodate you through pick up or delivery services.

All your favorite dishes at your favorite places could go away forever if we don’t do our part. Click on your community for a list of many restaurants in the Twin CitiesBemidji, and Brainerd that are open for business. So get out there, eat your favorite foods, and support local businesses and people. Or check out the Bemidji Area Take-Out & Delivery Options Facebook Page for updates from area restaurants. 

Minnesota, your order is ready.

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