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The Force Is Strong With This One…

I let an evil sith lord enter my son’s life…and I couldn’t have been more excited to do it!

As a parent, there’s a mix of excitement and anxiety when we introduce Our Spawn to the things that we love and are special to us.  We want to share things with them that we hold in such a special light, right?

But….what if they reject it?  It’s almost as if they’re rejecting a little part of US!  I remember how dejected my mom was when I didn’t take to waterskiing like she did or the betrayal in my dad’s eyes when I whined when he played Conway Twitty.  No offense inteded but those just didn’t speak to me.

So now the great Galactic Conflict lay before my kiddo.  He’s a toddler and has been watching some Star Wars cartoons and been enjoying them.  “Why is that dark Vader guy bad?  Can I get a lightsabre for Christmas?”  I’ve enjoyed having couch time with my McDude and logging some Star Wars hours but I’ve told him; “This isn’t real Star Wars.”

He’s indicated as much that he wants the Real Thing.

Yesterday, his mom was away and it was Guy Night.  It.  Was.  Finally.  Time.

This kid took to Star Wars like midichlorians clung to young Anakin’s bowl cut. He ran around the house waving his toy lightsabre at the Bad Guys anytime they showed up on screen.  He cheered Luke’s victories.  He stood frozen when it looked like the end was coming for our heroes.  He had genuine concern when Obi Wan simply disappeared at the business-end of Vader’s wrath.  The highs and the lows; He drank them all in and wanted more.

Just wait until he learns about sequels.  Just wait till he learns about his dad’s intergalactic toys kept in storage waiting, like the skills of a Jedi, to be passed down to the next generation.

Some days, it’s extra special to be a parent…..

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