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Waving Bye-Bye To Baseball

The 2019 Minnesota Twins Homer Hanky is…RED?

The boys of summer have been waving a more familiar white (usually with red lettering) since their inception in 1987.  Clearly, there have been changes…

I ordered my Hanks the day they were available from the Minneapolis StarTribune but, alas, will nay get to wave mine at a game nor at a TV screen as the Twins were quick to book their winter golf vacations.  I digress…

So, why are the new Hankies so…different?  They’re thicker, more like a towel.  They’re all red with white lettering.  Okay, things change.  Apparently the change is not for the sake of change.

In 2016, Major League Baseball added a new rule (overcooking?) that prohibits white colored “rally towels” in the interest of not distracting players from being able to clearly see the ball in play.  Anyone else remember that the Metrodome’s white ceiling was called “home field advantage”?  As it stands today this new rule has been nicknamed the Homer Hanky Rule and thus the red ’19 model was born.

I’ll let you know how I like ’em…once I get mine…

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